Core log stores
  • 21 Jun 2022
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Core log stores

Logging in Totara allows you to collect details of interactions on the system, such as when a user logs in or accesses a course. There are three core types of log stores (where the data collected during logging will be saved):

  • Standard log
  • Legacy log
  • External database log
The logstore_legacy plugin for the Legacy log was deprecated in Totara 13.

By default the Standard log will be enabled, and this should work well in most cases. The Legacy logs should be left as disabled unless you have custom logs from an older version of Totara which you still wish to use. Finally, the External database log can be enabled if you wish to connect your Totara site to an outside log store. To enable or disable any of these (as a Site Administrator) you will need to go to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Logging > Manage log stores. You will also be able to access the settings for any enabled log stores. 

Standard log and Legacy log both allow you to configure whether you wish to Log guest access (i.e include interactions between guest and the system in your logs) as well as how long you want to Keep logs for. It is recommend that you keep logs for as long as possible (in case you need them and to allow better reporting), however, you may wish to delete logs after an appropriate period to help with your site's performance.

With External database log settings you can configure the desired external log store before selecting which levels and types of actions you wish to be logged. Types of actions are: create, read, update, and delete. The available education levels of actions being: teaching, participating, and other. 

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