Enable repositories
  • 21 Jun 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Enable repositories

Repositories enable users to access and upload files from their computers or external repositories, such as Flickr, Dropbox, or Google Drive. 

Before they can be used, repositories must be enabled by a Site Administrator. Enabled repositories are then available in the file picker. 

  1. Go to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories.
  2. In the Active column alongside the repository you want to enable select from the dropdown menu either:
    • Enabled and visible: The repository is available and can be used via the file picker by any user. 
    • Enabled but hidden: The repository is available but users cannot see it in the file picker. 
  3. Click Settings alongside the repository you just enabled. 
  4. Complete any required settings, including adding IDs and secrets/passwords for external repositories. 
  5. Click Save

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