Manage external tools
  • 10 Aug 2023
  • 1 minute to read

Manage external tools

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Managing external tools

As a Site Administrator you can add and manage site-wide external tools, that is tools that will be made available for everyone to use. To access these settings from the quick-access menu go to Plugins > Activity modules > External tool > Manage tools.

On the Manage tools page you can do several important things. You can add a tool at the system/site level by adding the tool URL or by selecting Configure a tool manually. You can also select Manage preconfigured tools to add preconfigured tools, or select Manage external tool registrations to configure new registrations.

Additionally, you can see a list of configured tools under the Tools heading.

If you want to use LTI 1.3 you will need to obtain the Platform ID, Client ID, Deployment ID, Public Keyset URL, Access Token URL, and Authentication request URL from your Totara site. You can find this information by going to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Activity modules > External tool > Manage tools. Under the Tools heading you can see any tools you have configured - click the eye icon to view the above information for each tool.

Managing preconfigured tools

Both Manage preconfigured tools and Manage external tool registrations allow you to see which tools have been successfully configured, which ones are pending, and which ones have been rejected. 

Once you have added tools you will also be able to come into this section to register them (tick icon), edit their settings (cog icon) and delete them (cross icon). 

Managing external tool registrations.

LTI (experimental)

By using the LTI authentication plugin, together with the Publish as LTI tool enrolment plugin, you can allow remote users to access selected courses and activities. In other words, Totara functions as an LTI tool provider. Find out more about how to set up Publish as LTI tool enrolment


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