Managing course completion uploads
  • 28 Jun 2024
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Managing course completion uploads

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CSV file

In Totara you can upload course completions using a CSV file.

An example file is shown below:


You can alternatively upload CSV files via a directory on the server (see Using a directory on the server).

CSV grade format

Select the grade format used in the CSV file:

  • Real: Grade as points
  • Percentage: Grade as a percentage

Take an example of a course with three activities, so the maximum grade for the course is 300, and upload a course completion CSV file with a grade of 60. The system reports the grade as follows, depending on how the grade column is handled in a report:

  • Real: 60 points or 20.0%
  • Percentage: 180 points or 60.0%

Note that both current learning and previous completions in the Record of Learning page display a grade as percentage.

Override current course completions

When uploading a course completion CSV file, the system looks up an existing completion record and compares its completion date against the incoming completion date.


Before existing completiondate

After existing completiondate

Identical to existing completiondate

No previous completions

In Totara 16




Do nothing

Insert current



Override current

Override current

Override current

Insert current


If more recent


Override current

Do nothing

Insert current


Using a directory on the server

If you'd like users to be able import completion data form a file already uploaded to the server. They can follow the link Alternatively upload CSV files via a directory on the server at the bottom of the Upload Completion Records page. The user will need to know the full path to the file to be imported. Be aware that this file will be deleted after import.

In order to use this functionality, you will need to add a value for $CFG->completionimportdir to the config.php file. This should be set to the beginning of the path to the uploaded files. The path that the user enters in the form must begin with this value. Be aware that the user would also be able to enter the path to any file that begins with the value given in the config setting and that file would subsequently be deleted.

Reset report data

From time to time it may be useful to clean up the course and certification upload logs, especially if you are having problems with uploading new records. You can clean up your records by going to Courses > Upload Completion Records > Reset Report data from the Administration block. Use the check boxes to select Reset course report data and/or Reset certification report data.

You can also set up a scheduled task for clearing out the course/certification report data by going to Quick-access menu > Server > Scheduled tasks.

Resetting completion records

Once a record of prior completion has been uploaded for a user they will need to have this record archived before they can attempt the course again, just as with any completion record. You can find more information about this on the Course completion archive page. 

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