Report table block
  • 21 Jun 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Report table block

The Report table block displays tabular data belonging to a selected Report builder report. A saved search for the report can also be selected to limit the data shown in the block.

The block content only displays the data table from the selected report including pagination and the option to sort by column headings. Other report functionality (such as filters, saved searches, and export options) are not included, but can be accessed by clicking the View full report link at the bottom of the block.

The records shown in the data table are restricted to the records accessible by the logged-in user, not for the user who created the block.

If the selected report or selected saved search being used becomes unavailable (for example it is deleted or the search is made not public), then the block will act as if no report was selected and the block will not be shown.

Note that configuring two blocks with the same report on the same page can interfere with column sorting.

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