Seminar global settings
  • 21 Jun 2022
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Seminar global settings

Site Administrators can manage seminar activity settings across all seminars on your site via Global settings. These settings can also be accessed via Quick-access menu > Seminars > Global settings or Quick-access menu > Plugins > Activity modules > Seminars.

General settings


Event roles

A user can be assigned to a particular role at the event level rather than the activity level. This information can also be reported on.


Available approval options

The options selected will be available in the Require approval by setting for all Seminar activities.

Text entered below the Learner accepts terms and conditions option will be the default for all activities but can be edited for each activity. Selected site-level administrative approvers are automatically added to all seminar activities and can not be removed from within any given activity.

Site-level administrative approvers can be selected via Quick-access menu > Seminars > Activity defaults. Other administrative approvers can be added to each seminar activity as required using the Add approver button under Approval options. Please see Seminar sign-up approvals for more information.

If an approval option is disabled in global settings that is already being used within a seminar it will still be honoured within the seminar it has already been configured in. If the disabled option is changed within a seminar it will then disappear from that seminar's settings until it is re-enabled in the global settings.

Site level administrative approvers

Selected Site level administrative approvers are automatically added to all seminar activities and can not be removed from within any given activity.

Other administrative approvers can be added to each seminar activity.

Users select manager

Recommended when manager assignment data is not available. When enabled and a seminar activity requires approval by a manager, the event sign-up page will force users to search for and select a user to approve their request to attend a session each time they sign-up. The selected user will receive a notification about the request and instructions on how to approve or decline it.

When this is enabled the user will be able to select their manager on the Approval required tab. A list of all users in the system will be presented so they can find their manager. 

Export user profile fields

The profile fields listed here will be included in the seminar attendance export. You will need to ensure that the list is separated by commas. By default the list contains the following:



Export custom profile fields

Include any required Custom fields (short names) in Seminar exports, separated by commas.


Add calendar filters

Select one or more fields that will be displayed as filters in the user's Calendar. To select multiple fields, hold down ctrl (Windows) or cmd (Mac) and left-click the required number of fields.


Previous event time period

This specifies the length of time you want to see the previous events on the seminar page.


Show records by audience

Configure the site-wide default for showing records by audience. The Show records by audience setting restricts report results by audience so you only see data for that sub-set of users.

This setting only applies to newly created reports, existing reports are not affected.  



Disable notifications

Turn on/off seminar activity notification emails to users


Notification recipients

The roles in the seminar event that will receive notifications about the minimum bookings and minimum bookings cut-off point warning.


One message per date

Send multiple confirmation emails for multi-date events.

If there is more than one event date on a single day then each session will generate an email. One session spanning over multiple days will generate only one email.

Disable iCalendar cancellations

Disable sending cancellation emails with iCal information.


Calendar support for .ics is non-standard and different email clients may handle these attachments differently. One known example is that MS Outlook handles attachments for seminar events with multiple sessions differently from Gmail. Therefore if your notification recipients use MS Outlook and you have seminars that have multiple sessions over different dates, you should enable the One message per date setting.

Additional features


Display event timezones

When enabled the timezone of the seminar event will be shown otherwise it will be hidden (selecting a timezone for an event will also be enabled/disabled).


Room identifier

Determines how much detail is displayed along with the room name in seminar session listings. The room name is always linked to the Room details page with all details.

Additional fields besides name will only be displayed if they are present for a given room.

Select job assignment on signup

When enabled, a setting will appear in seminar activity settings to force users with multiple job assignments to choose which job is specific to their signup. All notifications go to the manager related to the job assignment chosen by the user. When disabled, notifications go to all of the user's managers.

If the setting Users select manager is enabled (see General settings), notifications are sent to the manager selected on sign-up, regardless of the user's job assignment.

Everyone on waiting list

When enabled a setting will appear in seminar event settings to put all users onto the waiting list when they sign-up regardless of event capacity.


Wait-list lottery

Enable or disable the wait-list lottery.

Please see Wait-listed events for more information

Hide cost and discount

Hide the cost, discount code and user discount code fields.


Hide discount

Hide the discount cost and user discount code fields.


C005 - Seminar Management(1)The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Seminar Management in Totara Learn. Here you can learn more about how to use seminars, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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