Site backup
  • 21 Jun 2022
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Site backup

A site backup allows a Site Administrator to save everything associated with a Totara site. These backups can be restored to bring a site back to the point in time when the backup was made.

Performing regular backups is highly recommended to reduce the amount of lost information in the event of a problem on the site, and to speed up the overall recovery process.

What to back up

A Totara system comprises three parts:

  1. The data stored in the database e.g. a MySQL database
  2. The uploaded files, e.g. site and course files uploaded via Totara located in moodledata
  3. The Totara code, e.g. everything in /server/htdocs/totara

You can confirm where each of these is located in a Totara installation by checking the config.php file.

$CFG->dbname shows the database name$CFG->prefix shows the database table name, prefix$CFG->dataroot controls where the uploaded files are stored, and $CFG->wwwroot points to where the code is stored.

Generally speaking, the database ("dbname and prefix") and the uploaded files (dataroot) are the two most important to copy on a regular basis. These contain information that will change most often.

The Totara code (wwwroot) is less important as a frequent backup, since it will only change when the the actual code is changed through upgrades, add-ins, and code tweaks. You can always get a copy of the standard Totara code from Totara, so you only have to back up the parts you added or changed yourself.

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