What is Totara Connect?
  • 21 Jun 2022
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What is Totara Connect?

Totara Connect is a single sign-on (SSO) and user identity solution for multiple Totara instances. Connected sites can share user accounts and logins, allowing all users (or selected audiences) to navigate between them seamlessly.

Totara Connect requires one Totara site to act as the server. Once Totara Connect has been enabled and configured on the server, it is then possible to start connecting more Totara sites as clients. Once connected, information is then synchronised from the server to the client.

You need to be a Site Administrator (or have the appropriate permissions) to configure any Totara Connect settings.

Please note that Totara Connect is not compatible with guest access. If you want to use Totara Connect it is recommended that you configure alternative enrolment methods and disable guest access on courses where it is used.

Totara Connect server

Totara Connect server is a plugin that facilitates the server-side aspects of connecting sites effectively, allowing the site to act as a master, to which client sites can connect and synchronise.

This plugin is disabled by default. To enable it, log in as a Site Administrator and turn on Enable Totara Connect server, which can be found via Quick-access menu > Configure features. Once this setting is enabled, a new administration section will become available via Quick-access menu > Users > Accounts > Totara Connect server.

Even when enabled, by itself the server plugin is inactive. It is not until a second Totara site is connected as a client that the Totara Connect server provides added functionality.

Totara Connect client

The Totara Connect client is an authentication plugin that facilitates a connection between the current site and one or more Totara site(s) with an active Totara Connect server.

To add a client to a Totara Connect server, you first need to enable the Totara Connect client authentication plugin. Go to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Authentication > Manage authentication and enable Totara Connect client by selecting the icon in the Enable column.

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