Audience upload settings
  • 06 Apr 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Audience upload settings

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When uploading audiences to your Totara site you will be able to configure the following options. 


Click Choose a file.. to browse for the file you wish to upload, or simply drag and drop it into the upload area. 


CSV delimiter

Choose which character you wish to use as a delimiter. By default this is a comma. The delimiter separates items on the same line, like columns in a row. Choose from:

  • Comma e.g. ,
  • Semicolon e.g. ;
  • Colon e.g. :
  • Tab e.g. \t



Choose the character encoding you wish to use. The default is UTF-8.


Default context

Set the default context for the audience to either System (site-wide) or a specific category on the site. 

The default context will be used when no contextid (or one of the available fields to look up the contextid) is provided.

File format

When uploading audiences to your site, the file formatting is very important. You can use either a spreadsheet program or a plain text editor to create the file, but it must be saved as a CSV. 

The file will contain a heading row with the various fields you wish to include, and then several rows with the audience data. The delimiter that you choose will act as the column separator when the file is saved as a CSV or opened in a text editor. 


Below is an example of the construction of an audience upload file using a comma as the delimiter:

Wellington office,123,1
Brighton office,124,1
Remote workers,125,0

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