Create a performance activity
  • 06 Apr 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Create a performance activity

Article summary

When you are getting started with Totara Perform, you will need to set up the performance activities you want to assign to users. To create a new performance activity, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Quick-access menu > Activity management.
  2. Click Add activity.
  3. Enter the Activity title and a brief Description.
  4. Select an Activity type from the dropdown list:
    • Appraisal
    • Check-in
    • Feedback
  5. Click Get started.
  6. You can edit the Activity titleDescription and Activity type on the General tab. If you do so, remember to click Save changes.
  7. You can optionally turn Anonymise responses on or set the Selection of participants (see General tab settings for more). 
  8. Configure the settings on the Content tab.
  9. Configure the Assignments and Notifications tabs

Many of these settings can only be edited while the activity is in the Draft stage. Once the activity is Active you can still change the Assignments and Notifications settings, but you will not be able to change the Activity type or Anonymise responses settings. Also you will not be able to change any activity content.

Next steps

Get involved in the conversation about Performance management in the Totara Community. 

The Totara Academy also has courses dedicated to Totara Perform, including check-ins, appraisals, 360 feedback and competencies. 

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