Access learning offline
  • 06 Apr 2022
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Access learning offline

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Users can view all of their downloaded learning items by tapping the Downloads icon on the bottom navigation bar.

The navigation bar displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The Downloads screen shows all downloaded activity in a list with the title and size (in Kb or Mb) of each activity, allowing learners to manage their downloads and free up storage space on their device as required. Users can then tap an activity to launch it.

When a user completes a SCORM activity while offline it will not appear as complete until the app is synchronised online. Additionally, any activities which are restricted based on the completion of that activity will not be unlocked immediately. The restricted activities will only become available once the SCORM completion is synchronised online.

Once a learner has completed a SCORM activity, or if they have decided not to complete it offline, they can choose to remove it from their device. To delete a SCORM activity from your device press and hold the activity, then select Delete in the top-right.

Any SCORM activities that have been downloaded for offline completion will be deleted when the user logs out from the app. This is important when multiple users are using a shared device as it allows other users to download SCORM activities they need to complete.

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