Courses in Totara Mobile
  • 24 Mar 2023
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Courses in Totara Mobile

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Learners can access their learning from the Current learning screen. This page shows the courses in which the user is currently enrolled, providing an easy way to find required learning or continue in-progress courses. If the user has no assigned learning, they will be able to tap the Find learning button to look for suitable courses in a web browser window.

Learners can access a course by tapping on it.

If a course is not marked as mobile compatible (i.e. Mobile-friendly course is set to No in the course settings) it will be displayed in the mobile app, but users won't be able to access and complete the course. They will instead be prompted to complete the course in a mobile browser.
Note that the SVG image file format isn't currently supported in Totara Mobile, so ensure that any images in mobile-compatible courses use other file formats.

Course pages

Overview tab

On the overview tab you can see the course title, course image, and the type of learning. 

Under the Overview and Activities tabs learners can view information about their progress through the course in a horizontal-scrolling carousel. Learners can scroll left and right to view more information. The following information can be optionally displayed here.


Your progress

This panel shows the learner's progress through the current course, displayed as both a percentage and as a donut diagram. As the learner progresses through the course this will be updated.

Note that activity completion tracking and course completion tracking must be enabled for the progress indicator to function.

Your grade

Learners can view their current grade out of the maximum possible grade for the course.

Learners can only view the Your grade panel if the gradebook has been set up and made visible to learners by the Course Creator. Note that this displays the total grade for the course, and only displays numeric values.

Mark course as complete

This panel is shown if the learner is able to mark the course as complete. Tapping the panel will display a pop-up where the user can confirm they would like to complete this course. 

If a user has met all other course completion criteria, a course completion modal will appear. If a user has not met all other course completion criteria, the user will be returned to the course to continue their learning.

Find out more about self-completion on the Set up course completions page.

Activities tab

The activities tab comprises a list of all of the activities and resources included in the course. As with the overview tab you can see the course title (Course full name in the course settings), course image, and the type of learning.

The following text elements are also displayed: 

  • Course description
  • Topic description
  • Labels

If you want to include more detail on content outside this list e.g. an activity description, then you should use a label to include this information.

You can choose to collapse or expand all of the topics in the course using the toggle button in the top-right corner. Alternatively you can expand and collapse each section individually by selecting each topic heading, in order to focus on one topic at a time. When topics are collapsed only the topic title is visible. When expanded you can see all of the activities in each topic. Each row of the list shows the title and the activity status. Below you can see what each status icon means.


Not complete (self-completion)

This icon shows that the learner has not yet completed the associated activity, and will need to mark it as complete once they have done so.

Not complete (completion criteria)

This icon indicates that the learner has not yet started or completed the associated activity by meeting the completion criteria.


This icon indicates that the learner has successfully completed or passed (if a required grade was set) the activity.




This icon indicates that the learner attempted the activity but did not achieve a passing grade and will need to reattempt the activity in order to mark it as complete.


This icon shows that the user is currently unable to access the associated activity. They may need to first complete other activities or achieve passing grades in order to unlock the activity. Additionally the activity is greyed out. When a learner taps a locked activity they are shown a pop-up explaining the criteria for unlocking it.

You should ensure that the content contained within any labels or text areas in your course is mobile friendly by using the Weka text editor. Check that your content displays correctly in the mobile app, then edit it as required to ensure that it is formatted correctly.

Course completion

Once a learner has completed all of the required activities in a course the course can be marked as complete. Depending on how the course has been configured this may happen automatically, or the learner may be required to mark the course complete themselves.

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using the Totara mobile app. Here you can learn more about how to configure and use your mobile app, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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