Programs and certifications in Totara Mobile
  • 06 Apr 2022
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Programs and certifications in Totara Mobile

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Programs in Totara are pathways of learning content, comprising a selection of courses outlined by a Site Administrator or Course Creator.

Programs require that assigned Learners complete a series of courses in a specified order, or a specified number of courses from each course set. Certifications are very similar to programs, as both of these facilitate the creation of a pathway for learning by acting as a container for a set of courses. However, unlike programs, certifications are only valid for a certain amount of time, after which they will prompt the learner to re-certify. 

When a Learner selects a program or certification from their Current learning page they will be taken to the appropriate program or certification page, which is optimised for mobile access.

Overview and courses tabs

Overview tab

On the overview tab you can see the program/certification title, image, type of learning (program or certification), and the due date (if applicable). Additionally, the Learner can see the program/certification summary here.

Under the Overview and Courses tabs Learners can view information about their progress through the course in a horizontal-scrolling carousel. Learners can scroll left and right to view more information. The following information can be optionally displayed here.

The Your progress panel shows the Learner's progress through the current program or certification, displayed as both a percentage and as a donut diagram.

Courses tab

The courses tab outlines the courses the Learner needs to complete, and in which order. Programs and certifications are organised into course sets. In the mobile app Learners can tap the information icon () to see what is required for each course set. The pop-up shows what the completion criteria are based on, if there is a required grade, and the approximate time required to complete the course set.

Programs and certifications can be configured with pathways with Some, All or Any number of course completions required within course sets, and THEN, OR and AND dividers between sets. This means Totara Learn can support scenarios such as:

  • Complete Course A, B and C, then either Course D or Course E or Course F
  • Complete two of Course A, B, C, D, E and F and Complete three of Course G, Course H, Course I and Course J
  • Complete Course A or Course B or Course C and Course D

In the mobile app course sets are laid out vertically, with courses shown on horizontal-scrolling carousels within each set. In the example below, the Learner needs to complete all of the courses in the first set, THEN complete two of the courses from the second set once it is unlocked. If the AND divider was used instead, the Learner would be able to work through the two course sets in any order. If the OR divider was used, the Learner would only need to meet the completion criteria for one of the two course sets.

For certifications, you can set a different pathway for when Learners are recertifying. You can find out more about how programs and certifications are in the programs and certifications documentation.

For each course you can see the course title, a thumbnail image, and course progress. 

Program and certification completion

Once a Learner has completed the specified pathway (all required course sets) then the program or certification will be marked as complete. When this happens the program/certificate endnote is displayed at the end of the page, congratulating them and prompting them to return to the home page by tapping the Current learning button.

C051 - Mobile(1)The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using the Totara mobile app. Here you can learn more about how to configure and use your mobile app, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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