Test mobile push notifications
  • 06 Apr 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Test mobile push notifications

Article Summary

When configuring notifications for your mobile app, you may want to test that your push notifications are working correctly.

To test your push notifications you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Message outputs > Totara AirNotifier.
  2. Enter the AirNotifier Server URL, AirNotifier App Name and AirNotifier App Code, then click Save changes.
  3. Create a new user on your Totara site using the email address of someone who has the latest Totara mobile app installed on their phone.
  4. Log in as the new user and navigate to User menu > Preferences > Notification preferences and ensure that Totara Air Notifier and Web are set to On for the required notification types for both online and offline.
  5. Trigger a notification for the user, e.g. the user booking a seminar event.
  6. Check the user's phone for a seminar booking notification - ensure you are logged in to the Totara Mobile App before sending the notification.

C051 - Mobile(1)The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using the Totara mobile app. Here you can learn more about how to configure and use your mobile app, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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