What's new?
  • 03 Aug 2023
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What's new?

Article summary

There are a number of improvements and new features for Totara 15 across all of our products.

Totara Learn

You can find more information about the features included in Totara Learn in the Totara Learn section of this documentation.

Enrolment workflow changes

When accessing a course with guest access enabled from the course catalogue (also known as Find learning) you will now be taken directly to the course page instead of the enrolment options page. When on the course page you will see a banner that the top of the page with your enrolment options, for example, if self enrolment is enabled. 


Program exception report improvements

When viewing the program exceptions report you will now see an option in the Actions column to Dismiss the exception. This replaces the previously named 'unassign' to better reflect the actual behaviour of the system. When you click Dismiss for an exception it is marked as 'dismissed' but the users are still assigned to the program and they will appear in the completion report.

A new Exception status column has been added to the program membership report source. Using this new column and the existing program name column, users can zoom in to a user in the program whose exceptions were dismissed.


LinkedIn Learning content marketplace integration

As of Totara 15.3 you can set up the LinkedIn Learning content marketplace, which allows you to browse and import content from LinkedIn Learning into your catalogue. Once you have imported content from LinkedIn Learning, your learners can seamlessly access the content, either in single-activity courses or as part of larger courses. As with other learning in Totara, course completion and tracking are available once you've set up the integration.

Note that the LinkedIn Learning content marketplace requires a LinkedIn Learning professional subscription.


Totara Engage

You can find more information about the features included in Totara Engage in the Totara Engage section of this documentation. 

Introducing the Machine Learning Engine

We have made some improvements to Totara recommendations in the form of the Machine Learning Engine. This will offer a better recommendation experience and improves the Related tab, which shows similar content to the resources and playlists you have been viewing. The new Machine Learning Engine also allows us to introduce user recommendations via the Recommended for you block. The developer documentation also outlines how to upgrade the Recommender to the Machine Learning Engine.


Totara Perform

For more information on the features of Totara Perform see the Totara Perform section of this documentation. 

Review items extended

The review items element for performance activities has been expanded to include two new types, Learning and Evidence


Activities grouped by role

When viewing performance activities you will still see a tab for activities about you, however instead of Activities about others you will now see separate tabs for each role you play as a participant in other activities. 


Activities card view

When viewing activities you will now see a prioritised row of activity cards, showing you which activities require your attention. Underneath the cards you will still be able to access the table of all activities. 


Enhanced sorting and filtering of performance activities

There are now more ways to filter, sort by and search your lists of performance activities. You can even choose to filter out completed activities, allowing you to better focus on the tasks that require your attention. 

Read more....

Changes to multiple choice multi-select element

The multiple choice multi-select element for performance activities now allows you to set just a single option. 


Description for rating scales

The Numeric rating, Custom rating and Competency rating elements for performance activities now allow you to add a description. This description will show when a user hovers over the rating scale. 


Totara Mobile

Find learning in Totara Mobile

If you are using the Totara Mobile app with a Totara 15 site users can search for courses, resources and playlists using the Find learning page (also known as the catalogue).


Totara Help

The documentation for Totara 15 is now available on the new Totara Help site. We have created a guide to help you find your way around the new site and find the information you're looking for.


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