Sorting and filtering performance activities
  • 05 Apr 2022
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Sorting and filtering performance activities

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When you are viewing performance activities about yourself or ones about others you can filter and sort the table to get the activities you need. More information on the ways you can filter and sort content can be found below. 

Filtering activities

On both the Your activities tab and the various tabs where you play a role (e.g. As Manager), you can filter the activity list to find relevant activities. You can filter by the following options:



Select an option to only show a specific activity type (or all types):

  • All
  • Feedback
  • Check-in
  • Appraisal


Your progress

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Complete
  • Not submitted
  • Not applicable


Overdue activities only

Toggle this setting on to only show activities which have not been submitted and have passed their due date.


Sort by

You can sort activities by the following criteria:

  • Most recent (default)
  • Activity (a-z)
  • Name (a-z)
  • Job assignment (a-z)
  • Due date (earliest)

It is possible to search for performance activities from the Develop > Activities page using the search bar. You can search using a simple substring, such as the activity name or the activity subject's name.

Exclude completed activities

You can filter out completed activities using the toggle in the filter bar. In this instance 'completed' means where your participation in the activity is complete, although the activity itself may still be waiting for participation from others. 

This filter only shows if there are completed activities which you could filter out. If you have not yet completed any activities you will not see the toggle.

Selecting an activity

Clicking the activity title will take you to the start of the activity. You can also click the arrow icon () to show the activity details.

When expanded you can see the date the subject instance was created, each of the sections (if enabled), the participants involved and the status of each participant instance (e.g. In progress or Complete). You can close the panel by clicking the arrow icon again or by clicking the cross in the top-right corner.

If the activity has multiple sections you can also jump straight to a specific section rather than starting from the beginning of the activity. To jump to a section simply click the section name in the expanded activity details panel.

If there is a section you are not participant in then you will not be able to jump to it using the section name link. You will however still see the section in the list where you can view the section details.

When answering questions you'll be able to see details about who your responses are visible to, and when they will become visible. This information will appear under the title of the section (for multi-section activities) and under the title of the activity (for single-section activities).

Next steps

C040 - Check-ins(2)Get involved in the conversation about Performance management in the Totara Community. 

The Totara Academy also has courses dedicated to Totara Perform, including check-ins, appraisals, 360 feedback and competencies. 

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