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  • 19 Oct 2023
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User profile

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A user's profile contains information specific to the individual. A user can view their own profile by selecting Profile in the User menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

As a Site Administrator, Editing Trainer, Course Creator, or any other role with similar capabilities, you can view other users' profiles by going to Quick-access menu > Users, then click on a user's name on the Manage users page.

User profiles are also available in the Totara Mobile app, although the user profile displays differently in the Mobile app compared to a desktop site. 

The sections and information displayed (and corresponding editing options available) will be dependent on the user's permissions within the system, as well as whether certain functionality (such as Notes and Messaging) has been enabled at the site level.

Note that the Course contacts setting overrides the moodle/user:viewdetails capability. Any user who has one of the roles selected to be a course contact will have their profile visible to course users. By default this is set to Editing Trainers.

User profile block

Using the block-based user profile page with a range of User profile blocks gives you a lot of control over the visibility of different user information. You can changes the permissions for each separate block by clicking the cog button, then Permissions. Here you can set which user roles can see each block on the user profile. For example, you might want to include a User profile block showing the user's Login activity, but only display this information to Site Administrators.

User profile summary card

The user's most important details should be displayed in the User profile summary card. This information will be displayed on the user's profile in the main block region.

The user profile summary card is also displayed in a number of other areas across the site, such as in profile summaries in the Members tab of workspaces, or for resource creators in the information panel within Totara Engage.

Note that even if permissions such as moodle/user:viewdetails and moodle/user:viewalldetails have been prohibited, the user profile summary card will still be visible to all users in certain places (e.g. on the information panel for a resource). As the summary card fields are required for all users in Totara Engage to help enable peer-to-peer interactions, the permissions for viewing the summary card override the Totara Learn permissions for displaying user profile information. Therefore it is important to carefully consider which information you want to be visible to all site users.

You can configure which details are displayed by navigating to Quick-access menu > Users > User profile summary card. On this page you can decide whether the User picture is enabled, and select up to four fields to display. You can choose from the following for each field:

  • Blank: No information will be displayed for this field
  • Address
  • City/town
  • Country
  • Department
  • Email address
  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Institution
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Skype ID
  • Timezone
  • URL
  • Username

Additionally you can choose custom user profile fields of the following types:

  • Text input
  • Dropdown menu

Configuring the user profile summary card.

By default the card will only show the user's Full name and Department, with two blank fields. In the example shown below, the above settings were used. The user's profile picture is enabled, and four fields have been selected: Full name, Email address, Phone and Department.

An example user profile summary card.

User details

The User details area displays a summary of general account information including any Custom Profile fields as well as a link to Edit Profile. Users can update a range of information within their Profile such as their Password, User Picture and Timezone settings.

If you have multitenancy enabled on your site this section will also indicate if the user is a member or participant in any tenants. 

From this section Site Administrators can change which tenant(s) the user is assigned to as a member or participant by clicking the cog icon under the Tenant participant/member heading.

Here you can either select a tenant using the Tenant member dropdown, or check the boxes in the Tenant participant section for all tenants you want the user to participate in. Note that if you select a tenant from the Tenant member dropdown you will not be able to select any options for the Tenant participant setting. Once you have made your selections, click Save changes to confirm and return to the user profile. You can find out more about these options in the multitenancy documentation.

Several of the optional user profile fields have been set up as custom user profile fields, meaning they can be removed by a Site Administrator if required. These fields are:

  • ICQ number
  • MSN ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • AIM ID

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