Test LinkedIn Learning SSO connection
  • 30 Jun 2022
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Test LinkedIn Learning SSO connection

Article Summary

Once both the Totara site and LinkedIn Learning have been configured to use SSO you should be able to test as follows:

  1. Visit your Totara site and click Login via SAML2 button.
  2. You will be redirected to your IdP login.
  3. You will be redirected back to your Totara site and should be logged in with a local account.
  4. Browse the Find Learning catalogue and select a LinkedIn Learning course.
  5. Enrol in the course and click Launch.
  6. LinkedIn Learning will open in a new window.
  7. You should notice you are redirected to your IdP then quickly back to LinkedIn.

Even with SSO enabled, the first time you visit you might be required to log in with a LinkedIn account, in order to associate your LinkedIn Learning profile with your LinkedIn member profile. This should be a one-off process, so logging in won't be required on subsequent visits. The need to connect LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn member profiles in this way can be configured on the LinkedIn account side - talk to your LinkedIn representative for more information.

Content_marketplace_academy_iconThe Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using the Content marketplace in Totara. Here you can learn more about setting up GO1 and LinkedIn Learning integrations, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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