Manage API clients
    • 15 Dec 2022
    • 1 minute to read

    Manage API clients

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    When using the external API, clients are required to specify access control and services for each external system that you integrate with your site. By creating separate clients for each use of your API, you can manage access control and audit usage by client.

    Once you have enabled APIs on your site, you can manage your API clients by following these steps:

    1. As a Site Administrator, go to Quick-access menu > Development > API > API Clients to see system-level API clients. To see tenant-level clients, go to Quick-access menu > Tenants then select a tenant. Then go to API > API Clients in the navigation block to view that tenant's API clients. If you are a Tenant Domain Manager, go to your tenant category then select API > API Clients in the navigation block.
    2. You can click the down arrow for a client to expand its section, allowing you to see the Client ID, Client secret, and Status.
    3. You can click the icon of three dots (three_dots(1)) to access several actions for that client:
    Only users with the totara/api:manageclients capability are able to view and manage API clients. By default this includes Site Administrators, Site Managers and Tenant Domain Managers.
    As well as site-level clients, tenant-level clients are also supported. By default, the totara/api:manageclients capability will be granted to Site Managers and Tenant Domain Managers only. As a Tenant Domain Manager you can access a tenant-specific version of this page.

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