Course completion settings
  • 05 Jul 2023
  • 1 minute to read

Course completion settings

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Completion settings

When setting up completion conditions for a course you can configure the following settings.


Completion requirements

Determines whether all or any of the completion conditions on the rest of this page are required. 


Completion of other courses

Allows you to select courses that must be completed before the learner can complete this course. Select the course(s) to select the prerequisite course(s).

This setting does not prevent a learner from enrolling in this course when they have not completed the prerequisite course, but they cannot complete this course until they have completed the prerequisite course(s).


Specify the date that users must remain enrolled until.


Days left

Specify the number of days the user must remain enrolled for.


Course grade

Specify the course grade that the user must achieve; this is different from the pass grade for an activity which is set in the Gradebook.


Manual Self completion

Allows a learner to mark themselves complete in the course; the Self completion block needs to be added to the course page to enable this.


Manual completion by others

Allows you to assign users with the selected role the ability to manually mark a learner as complete. The Site Administrator allocates to roles in the system the ability to manually mark a learner as complete.


Plugin settings

As a Site Administrator you can configure site-wide settings for the course completion report under Plugins > Reports > Course completion in the quick-access menu. 


Show only active enrolments

When enabled, completion records are shown for learners with existing active enrolments only.

When disabled, the report will also include the completion records of learners with suspended or expired enrolments.

Learners with removed enrolments are always excluded.


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