Likes and comments
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Likes and comments

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Content likes

As with many social media platforms, users can 'like' content on Totara Engage, signifying that they enjoy it, appreciate it, or find the content interesting. Users can like: 

  • Resources
  • Discussion threads
  • Comments (and their replies) on resources and playlists

Users can like a resource or comment by clicking the thumbs-up button (Icon

Description automatically generated), or unlike it by clicking the button again.

As users like content the like counter increases. Clicking the like counter (Icon

Description automatically generated ) will display a list of users who have liked the content in a pop-up window. The number of likes a resource or comment has received will be displayed in several places, such as the resource overview shown below. Additionally, the number of likes is shown on the resource card in the Library or in a playlist.

The overview tab showing the number of likes on a resource.


Users can view the comments on a resource or playlist by navigating to the Comments tab in the sidebar. Comments are displayed in a nested format with replies to other comments indented, making larger comment threads easier to read. Comments will include the commenter's name and profile picture, as well as a timestamp indicating when the comment was added.

The comments tab on a resource.

To add a comment on a resource or playlist, simply type in the comment section and click Post while on the Comments tab.

The comment box on a resource.

Alternatively users can reply to other comments by clicking the left-arrow icon (Icon

Description automatically generated) on the comment they want to reply to. By default replies to top-level comments will be hidden, but the number of replies is indicated next to the reply icon. Clicking View replies under a comment will reveal the replies to the selected comment.

Users can also edit or delete their comments. Additionally, Site Administrators (or other users with the appropriate privileges) can edit or delete other users' comments.

If users leave inappropriate comments then other users can report these comments to be reviewed and potentially deleted by a Site Administrator.

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