SCORM player
  • 05 Jul 2023
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SCORM player

Article Summary

While other activities and resources launch in a webview window when accessed through the Totara Mobile app, SCORM activities are launched in the app's native SCORM player.

To launch a SCORM activity learners can either access the activity in a course or from their Downloads screen if they have downloaded the activity.

You can find out more about creating and adding SCORM activities in Totara Learn on the Totara help site.

SCORM packages will not be compatible with the Totara Mobile app if they need to check for a specific userAgent string from the web browser. If this is the case, the package will not play in the app's SCORM player.

Additionally, SCORM launch pages are not supported in the app's SCORM player, so if your existing SCORM packages use launch pages these will not be compatible with the app.

Activity details

From the Activity details page users will see a range of information about the SCORM package before starting the activity. Learners can start the activity for the first time (or start a new attempt) by tapping New attempt. Tapping Last attempt will open the SCORM in the app's native SCORM player and continue the previous attempt.

The activity details page for a SCORM activity.

If users cannot continue a previous attempt then the Last attempt button will no longer be available. SCORM activities can be configured to allow a limited number of attempts, so if a user has no attempts remaining they will not be able to start a new attempt. If the user has no attempts remaining they will then return to the course page.

When users have reached the maximum number of attempts, or if the activity is not available until a specific date, a warning will be displayed at the top of the screen.


This section displays a description of the SCORM activity, outlining what the content covers and any other important information.

Grade details

For graded SCORM activities this section will display the grading method (e.g. highest attempt or most recent).

If the user has already completed at least one attempt, they can review their previous grades by tapping on Grade reported.

The grade details section of the SCORM activity details page.

This screen shows a list of all of the user's attempts with the score achieved and pass/fail status for each attempt.

Attempt details

This section shows how many attempts are allowed and how many the user has completed so far, allowing the user to know how many attempts they have remaining.

Viewing SCORM activities

Once the user starts an attempt the SCORM activity will open in the app's native SCORM player. The SCORM activity can be viewed in either portrait or landscape view by rotating the device.

Completing a SCORM activity in the mobile app's SCORM player.

Users can exit the SCORM activity at any time by tapping the Close button () in the top-left corner of the app. When users leave a SCORM activity they will be asked to confirm if they want to leave the activity, ensuring that learners do not accidentally leave the activity mid-attempt. Selecting Yes will return the learner to the course page or downloads screen (depending on where they started the activity from), or selecting No will close the pop-up and allow the user to continue with the activity.

Completion and feedback

If completion tracking is not enabled then users will immediately return to the course page (or the Downloads page if completed offline) after finishing the SCORM activity.

For activities with completion tracking enabled users will see a feedback screen screen indicating that they have completed the activity.

If the activity is graded then the grade achieved and pass/fail status will also be displayed. Users can either select Back to course to return to the course page, or if they are able to have another attempt they can select Attempt again.

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