Totara registration
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Totara registration

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All production Totara sites need to enter a registration code. Registering a site makes a connection between the site registration data and a specific invoiced subscription. This allows us to reconcile site registrations against valid Totara subscriptions. Doing this has several benefits:

  • Provide better support: It allows us to look up code version and system information when providing support via the helpdesk, saving time
  • Validate genuine production sites: This is helpful so we can focus our time on developing versions that are being actively used and offer better help

Any sites that are upgraded to the January 2018 release or any subsequent release will include a registration form and be redirected to register immediately following the upgrade. 

Registering your software is not an End User Licensing Agreement. Registration establishes the subscriber's right to receive Totara’s software update service, technical support of your product and access to associated customer services such as access to the Totara Academy and Totara Community

If you do not have your registration code or are experiencing problems, your Totara Partner will be able to help, or please contact

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