Understanding Totara products
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Understanding Totara products

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Totara is not a single platform, although when you access it that is certainly how it feels. In fact, a Totara installation can be made up of several products. There is the core platform common to all installations, which includes features such as user management, open badges, and reports. In addition to the core platform there are three other products that an installation can include:

  • Totara Learn: Your Learning Management System to up-skill your organisation's workforce and deliver transformational learning
  • Totara Perform: Your Performance Management System to help drive workplace productivity
  • Totara Engage: Your Learning Experience Platform to facilitate collaborative and informal learning

An installation of Totara might have one or more of these products and the products included can be expanded as your organisation grows and changes.

Totara Talent Experience Platform

When all of the products are installed together this is known as the Totara Talent Experience Platform. This will create a unified experience that will cover all of the critical areas for your business to thrive.

The core platform

Across every installation of Totara, regardless of the other products that are also installed, several shared common features form the core platform. These are not part of a separate product and these features cannot be obtained without having at least one of the Totara products (either Totara Learn, Totara Perform or Totara Engage).

Totara Learn

As a Learning Management System (LMS) Totara Learn allows you to both create and manage courses and certifications that can be assigned to learners. 

These courses and certifications can contain various instructor-led events and other blended learning content.

To see more information about Totara Learn's specific features you can view the What is Totara Learn? page. 

Totara Perform

Totara Perform is a flexible and tailored Performance Management System that supports both modern and traditional performance management processes.

There are many ways you can use Totara Perform to increase productivity through continuous performance management, using evidence-based performance reviews. By using check-ins and feedback activities you can help align employees to company goals.

To see more information about Totara Perform-specific features you can view the What is Totara Perform? page. 

Totara Engage

Your Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Totara Engage, recognises that learning is a fluid process that often takes place outside of formal learning activities.

Totara Engage facilitates curated learning and collaborative workspaces that allow for knowledge sharing across various groups within your organisation. 

To see more information about Totara Engage-specific features you can view the What is Totara Engage? page. 

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to explaining the Totara Talent Experience Platform. Here you can find out more about all three Totara products and how they work together.

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