Using the calendar
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Using the calendar

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The calendar in Totara Learn displays the following events:

  • Global: These site-wide events are created by Site Administrators and are viewable in all courses.
  • Course: These events are either created by Trainers or are a result of setting closing dates for activities such as assignments, quizzes, and repeating chat sessions. Course events are only viewable by course participants.
  • Groups: These events are created by Trainers and are only viewable by members of a group.
  • User: These are personal events that a user can create and are only viewable by the user.

The Calendar block allows you to view your upcoming events at a glance on dashboards or your home page.

The Calendar block on a dashboard.

To access other calendar features you must first enter the calendar by clicking the month and year (i.e. for the screenshot above you would click December 2021). From the Calendar page you can view, edit and create events.

You can also export the calendar from Totara as a URL or iCal download so that you can import it to another calendar you might use.

The Calendar page.

The Events key explains how events are colour-coded, and allows you to hide certain types of events. For example, clicking on the link Hide global events will mean that the calendar will only display course, group and user events. This is a display-only feature, and will not hide the events for anyone else. 

The Events key for hiding different types of events.

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