What are course backups?
  • 05 Jul 2023
  • 1 minute to read

What are course backups?

Article summary

A course backup is a copy of your course that includes all of the settings and content (depending on the configuration of the backup) as it was at the time the backup was taken. Essentially it is a saved fallback version of your course in case you need to revert to a previous version. It is advisable to take regular course backups, especially before making any major changes to your course. 

General backup defaults

Default settings for course backups can be set by a Site Administrator under the quick-access menu under Courses > Backups > General backup defaults.

Selected settings may be locked, so that they cannot be changed when creating a course backup.

By selecting a time in the Keep logs for... dropdown it is possible to specify how long the backup logs information is kept before being deleted. As this information may be very large, it is recommended the length of time chosen be quite short.

Using backups

One option for using course backups is to set up automatic backups to ensure that your courses are safe in the event that something unexpected happens to them. Alternatively you may want to manually back up individual courses, for example if you wanted to import them into another Totara site.

For either of these methods, you can then restore your courses at a later date if required.

Note that if you have created or edited any course or seminar notifications in the centralised notification system, these notifications will not be included in course backups.

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