What are enrolment methods?
  • 05 Jul 2023
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What are enrolment methods?

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There are a large number of course enrolment methods available with Totara Learn. Before they can be used all enrolment method plugins must be enabled by a Site Administrator from the quick-access menu by going to Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins.

Each course can enrol users using different enrolment methods, as enrolment methods are configured at the course level. The enrolment methods can be hidden and have their settings changed and reordered.

If you disable any enrolment method, users who are only enrolled by this method will have their enrolment disabled. While they will remain enrolled in the course, they won't be able to access course activities, and their progress and completion tracking will be paused until the enrolment method is reenabled, or until they enrol to that course using an alternative method.
Enrolment methodDescriptionTasks and info

Manual enrolments

Individual users are manually enrolled by a Site Administrator, Editing Trainer or another role with appropriate permissions.

Guest access

Users can view course materials but not participate.

Self enrolment

User can choose to enrol themselves onto a course.

Audience sync

Users who are members of an audience will be enrolled, and when they are not members they will be unenrolled.


User has been enrolled by enrolling in a program or certification - courses are enrolled on when program or certification rules allow.

Category enrolments

Users are enrolled in all courses in a category.


External database

Users are enrolled from a database such as Access, MySQL.

Flat file

Users are enrolled with a CSV file.

IMS Enterprise

Users are enrolled with this standard XML file format.


LDAP enrolment

Users are authenticated and then enrolled through LDAP.


Publish as LTI tool (Experimental)

Use this together with the LTI authentication plugin, to allow remote users to access selected courses and activities.

Course meta link

Makes it possible for one course, called a meta-course, to bring in enrolments from other courses. The course meta link plugin needs to be enabled both on the site level (by the Site Administrator) and within the course.

MNet remote enrolments

Allows a remote MNet host to enrol their users into our courses.



Users purchase enrolment with PayPal.

Seminar direct enrolment

Allows users not enrolled in a course to sign up to a seminar event and enrols them in the course.

Learning plan

Totara enrols learners in courses in their approved learning plan.


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