What is the quick-access menu?
  • 05 Jul 2023
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What is the quick-access menu?

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The quick-access menu, formerly referred to as the site administration menu, can be accessed via the cog icon () on the top navigation bar.

Functionality, features and settings within the administration area can be accessed using the Search field, or by selecting the listed items.

The quick-access menu will only display the administration areas or items that a user has permission to access.

From this menu, Site Administrators can click Administration overview to view the site map and full page tree.

Quick-access menu groups

By default, administration tasks are divided into the following groups: Core platform, Performance, Learning and Configuration. However, new groups and items can be added as required.


Core platform

Includes settings related to general, day-to-day platform administration, regardless of the Totara products enabled.



Includes all settings related to functionality specifically within the Totara Learn product's components (e.g. courses, programs, certifications, etc.).



Includes everything you need to review the achievements, progress and performance of people in your organisation, including yourself (e.g. appraisals, 360 feedback, etc.).



Includes settings related to the initial implementation process and subsequent ad hoc changes to the platform's configuration and technical setup.


Administration Sub-Navigation block

Site Administrators can add the Administration Sub-Navigation block to provide links to related administrative functionality when viewing each admin page.

Set the Administration Sub-Navigation block to display across the site so Site Administrators can access related admin menu items across all pages. The block will only be visible to Site Administrators and users with site-level administrative capabilities.

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