Add a course tag
  • 13 May 2022
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Add a course tag

You can add tags to your course whilst creating or editing the settings for it. The instructions below focus on editing a course to avoid detailing the steps for creating a new course. 

  1. Go to the course you wish to add the tag(s) to. 
  2. From the Administration block go to Course administration > Edit settings.  
  3. Scroll down to the Tags section.
  4. You can either:
    • Type a new or existing tag into the Enter tags... text-input box.
    • Click Manage standard tags which will give you the option to edit the Default collection (Site Administrators only).
  5. Click Save and display.

If you are a Site Administrator then any tags you create will be 'standard' tags, meaning they can be used by anyone on the site.

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