Audience rules
  • 25 May 2023
  • 1 minute to read

Audience rules

Article Summary

When creating dynamic audiences you can use audience rules to determine which users are added to and removed from your audience.

Selecting the Rule set tab allows you to set rules which define the membership of the audience group. Rules are set up in groups called rule sets. A rule set can have multiple rules, and you can include multiple rule sets for each audience group.

Automatically update membership

These options change the way that audience membership is updated based on when a user meets the audience rules. The configuration of these settings defines when a user should be added to or removed from an audience.

You can configure this based on the following checkbox options:

  • Make a user a member when they meet rule set criteria
  • Remove a user's membership when they no longer meet the rule set criteria

Unselecting both options will freeze membership until either (or both) of the options are changed.

Membership setting between every rule set

This setting determines how the audience rules will behave if you define more than one rule set. It is based on the logical AND and OR operators.

  • If set to AND, then a user will only be added to the audience if they satisfy the conditions of all of the rule sets (they will be omitted if they fail to satisfy even one rule set)
  • If set to OR, then a user will be added to the audience if they satisfy the conditions of any of the rule sets (they only have to satisfy the conditions of a single rule set to be included)

Note that each rule set has its own separate logical operator to indicate the relationship between the rules within that rule set.

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