Available competency achievement paths
  • 25 May 2023
  • 2 minutes to read

Available competency achievement paths

Article Summary

The following achievement paths are available for competencies in Totara Perform.


Learning plan

This is to allow backward compatibility for competencies previously linked to learning plans. Note that Totara Learn is required to link competencies to learning plans.

For a competency to be assigned to a learner in Totara Perform it must be assigned via the competency assignment tool and not just in the learning plan. 

Manual rating

You can select one or more raters (manager, appraiser, or self) who can manually mark the proficiency level for this competency in the user's competency profile details page. 

Where multiple raters are added to a single path, they will have the ability to essentially overwrite each others' ratings, i.e. individual ratings are recorded, but only the latest rating counts in terms of the overall achievement calculation.

Criteria-based paths

For each scale value within the competency you can set criteria to achieve that level using the Add criteria group button alongside that competency scale value.

Once you have added a criteria-based path option to a scale value you can click the And button underneath the added criteria path to require users to complete both criteria (AND). Alternatively if you click the Add criteria group button alongside that same scale value you can add an additional path option that the user can complete instead of the other one (OR).

You can use the delete icon (Delete bin icon.) to remove a criteria path. Once you delete a criteria path you can undo the deletion using the undo icon (Undo circular arrow icon. ) before you click Apply changes

The different criteria paths are:

  • Proficiency in child competencies: Allows you to decide if users must complete all or some of the child competencies in order to achieve a particular level of this competency
  • Course completion: Other courses: This allows you to pick courses that should be completed and decide if users must complete all or some of the courses (Totara Learn required)
  • Course completion: Linked courses: Decide if users must complete all or some of the courses set in the Linked courses tab (Totara Learn required)
  • Assignment activation: The competency scale value is achieved as soon as the competency assignment to a user is activated (this can only be added once and cannot be combined with other criteria)
  • Proficiency in other competencies: Decide if the user must complete other competencies (either from this framework or another framework) 

Performance activity rating

This achievement path supports rating competencies via a performance activity.

This feature is controlled from the performance activity, where a competency rating is provided from within a performance activity competency review question element. This element uses the selected competency's rating scale and on submission passes the selected scale value to the competency.

For the rating provided from the performance activity to be used in the competency's achievement calculation a Site Administrator also needs to add the new Performance activities achievement pathway to the competencies. 

Example of criteria-based achievement path.

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