Configure an applicant stage
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Configure an applicant stage

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An applicant stage is used to collect information from (or about) the applicant in an approval workflow. You can configure which fields are available and/or required on the form, what happens when the application is submitted or withdrawn, and which notifications should be sent.

On a published or archived workflow, only the notifications can be changed.

Configure applicant stage form

To configure the form fields at an applicant stage, click into the Form pane. You can:

  • Make whole sections of the form visible or hidden using the toggle button next to the section heading (note that not all forms use sections)
  • Configure each field individually using the dropdown menu to the right of the field
  • Preview the form at this stage in a new tab, and test the validation for each field

All changes are automatically saved as they are made.

Fields may be:

  • Editable: The applicant can optionally fill in a response at this stage
  • Editable and required: The applicant must fill in a response at this stage
  • Read only: Any default or previous response to the field will be shown at this stage, but it cannot be changed by the applicant
  • Hidden: The field is not used at all at this stage

Hidden sections and fields are indicated with a striped background during configuration. Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk.

Developer note
An approvalform plugin can include custom field types and custom validation in its hard-coded form schema, including conditional validation based on the value of a related field. Some fields may not be able to be hidden if they are required by other fields.

Configuring the form in stage 1 of an approval workflow.

Configure applicant stage interactions

To configure what happens when application events occur at this stage, click into the Interactions pane.

All changes are automatically saved as they are made.

Applicant stage events are:

  • On submitted: event is triggered when the application is submitted. Note that applications can be ‘saved as draft’ at an applicant stage without being submitted.
  • On withdrawn: event is triggered when a submitted application is withdrawn by the applicant, or by someone else with the capability to do so.

For each event at this stage, you can configure which stage the application should move to by clicking the pencil icon on the Default transition box.

Developer note
An approvalform plugin can implement event watchers to perform custom actions (make something happen in Totara) or transitions (move the application to a different stage or state). These will not be shown in the interactions pane.

Configuring interactions in an applicant stage.

Configure applicant stage notifications

To configure custom notifications for this stage of the workflow, click into the Notifications pane.

All available notification triggers are configurable, but many do not apply to an applicant stage. Notifications which could be triggered on an applicant stage are:

  • Comment added: triggered when a new comment is added to the application at this stage.
  • Comment updated: triggered when a comment is updated at this stage (the comment may have been added in any stage).
  • At start of stage: triggered when an application moves into this stage (or for the first stage, when an application is created).
  • At end of stage: triggered when an application leaves this stage for any reason.
  • Application submitted: triggered when the form has been completed and the application is submitted.
  • Application withdrawn: triggered when an application is withdrawn at this stage.

See Approval workflow notifications for detailed instructions.

Configuring notifications for an application stage.

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