Login screen
  • 01 Jul 2024
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Login screen

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Totara 18 provides a user-friendly login experience, replacing the login screen that was available in previous Totara versions. This login screen is enabled by default.

Users can log in with their username and password, or by selecting one of the available SSO options you have enabled on your site. Users can also choose to select a different language by clicking the globe icon (globe_icon).

As a Site Administrator you can set the Login page background image via Quick-access menu > Appearance > Themes > Ventura > Images (note that Display login page image must be enabled).

We recommend using a 1200px x 1200px image for the Login page background. JPEG, PNG and SVG file formats are accepted, and PNG files are preferred for illustrative images. We recommend keeping the file size as small as possible (without sacrificing quality), with a minimum DPI of 150. Ensure that any text in the image has sufficient contrast with the background so that the image is accessible. The image may be cropped depending on screen size.

The default Totara login screen.

Legacy login screen

The legacy login screen has been deprecated.

If you had customised the login screen in an earlier version of Totara and want to revert to the legacy login screen, you can do so by setting $CFG->enable_legacy_login = true; in config.php.

Please note that the ability to use the legacy login screen will be removed in a future Totara version.

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