Notification settings
  • 19 Apr 2022
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Notification settings

When you are creating a new notification you can configure the following settings. 

NameGive the notification a descriptive name. -
Include iCal attachmentTicket to include an iCal attachment with the notification - this is helpful for date-related notifications. -

When the notification will be sent relative to the trigger event. Either when the trigger occurs or a number of days before or after the event. 

It is not always possible to change this and sometimes you may only have once option. 
Delivery channelsWhen setting the delivery channels you can also decide to set Forced delivery.

Forced delivery makes a notification mandatory. This means it will be sent via the specified channels regardless of whether or not the notification is enabled by a recipient user. Even if a user disables notifications in their Notification preferences, they will still receive notifications via the channels listed here. For example, if a notification has Email listed in the Forced delivery column then the recipients will always be notified by email.
SubjectThe title of the notification e.g. the subject line of the email.-
BodyThe main content of the notification. You may wish to include placeholders here. 
StatusDecide whether the notification is enabled by ticking the box. -

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