What is Totara Learn?
  • 02 Oct 2023
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What is Totara Learn?

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Totara Learn is a robust, powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to deliver targeted learning via courses, programs, certifications, and learning plans.

The learning content you create can contain a content you create within and outside of Totara, instructor-led events and other blended learning content.

See each section below for more information on Totara Learn's main features.


Courses are the primary way to deliver learning in Totara Learn. A course comprises a number of activities and resources for learners to complete or access. You can configure the completion criteria for individual activities and for the whole course. Once you've created a course and added your activities, you can enrol learners so the relevant users can start working through the learning materials. Your courses can also be organised into categories, which can make it easier to find content or assign access rights.

Programs and certifications

Programs and certifications both allow you to create structured sets of courses that enrolled learners will need to complete in a specified order. This allows you to guide learners along a pathway of related learning materials. Certifications are different from programs in that learners will need to recomplete the certification after a set amount of time. If you prefer, you can set up a separate recertification pathway so learners don't have to recomplete all of the original courses that they completed on their first time.

Learning plans

Learning plans allow learners and managers to work together to create tailored plans that will help learners to reach their personal development goals. These plans can include a number of components based on your requirements: courses, competencies, learning objectives and programs. As a Site Administrator you can set up learning plan templates, which can then be assigned to learners with content specific to that learner's aims.

Content marketplace

Content marketplaces allow you to expand your site with content from external providers. By default you can set up marketplaces for GO1 and LinkedIn Learning, but you can also create your own marketplaces to provide access to more content.

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