What is Totara Perform?
  • 05 Jul 2023
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What is Totara Perform?

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Totara Perform is a flexible and tailored Performance Management System that supports both modern and traditional performance management processes.

There are many ways you can use Totara Perform to increase productivity through continuous performance management, using evidence-based performance reviews. By using check-ins and feedback activities you can help align employees to company goals.

Some of the key features offered by Totara Perform are an enhanced competency feature set and performance activities.


Competencies allow you to map skills to people, and then map competencies to various forms of achievement, including courses, other competencies and manual ratings (when a user or manager rates a competency level). By setting up achievement paths you can decide how competencies are achieved.

Building new competencies involves creating or editing a competency framework for your competency to sit in, then creating competency scales and competency types to use with your competency item.

Once you have created one or more competencies in Totara Perform you can then use competency assignments to assign these to individual users or to groups of users via audiences and positions.

Performance activities

Performance activities are very flexible to suit your needs. These activities are how you carry out various performance tasks including appraisals, check-ins and other feedback.

You can pull in content from other parts of the site, such as goals, competencies, evidence and learning - to get a thorough review of your people and what support they might need to achieve their full potential.

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