End-user system requirements
  • 05 Jul 2023
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End-user system requirements

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General browser requirements

Regardless of which browser you use with Totara, JavaScript must be enabled.

A good internet connection is recommended in order to have the best experience possible.

Mobile device support

Unlike browsers in which support is focused on specific vendor offerings, mobile device support looks at how the Totara products work on mobile devices in general.

Mobile devices bring a set of challenges and unique constraints with them including:

  • Addition of touch and gesture controls
  • Absence of traditional controls such as hover and focus
  • Reduced screen size
  • Limited connectivity

Totara already includes several mobile-specific features and we try to ensure that the product is usable both on traditional computers and on mobile devices. Areas such as navigation, expandable/collapsible sections, and actions should all work with both traditional and mobile controls. There are also responsive themes provided with Totara that will re-organise content for smaller resolutions to give the best possible user experience.

Browser support

Information on the supported browsers for stable releases can additionally be found in the readme.md file accompanying the code.

We do not officially support preview or beta releases of new browsers.

Desktop browsers

  • Chrome: The latest stable release
  • Firefox: The latest stable release
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based): The latest stable release
  • Safari: The last two major versions

Mobile browsers

  • Chrome for Android: The latest stable release
  • iOS Safari: The last two major versions

Unsupported browsers

While the above list details the browsers we officially support Totara is developed using recognised web standards and will likely work in any modern browser.

Because technologies and web browsers evolve with more features being made available all the time, to respect browser compatibility as best we can we create 'legacy' versions of files to support many features on older browsers (but not all). While these files are usually less performant and result in greater download sizes, they are available when needed.

You might need these files instead of modern, optimal ones, if your customer is operating in an environment with an old Firefox ESR version, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, or they have Enterprise Mode enabled on various websites.


It is always recommended that you run the latest supported version of the software as this will offer the best performance alongside security and stability. 

Mobile app requirements

To use the Totara Mobile app, users will need a mobile device with one of the following operating systems:

  • Android 5.0 and up
  • iOS 12 and up
Note that your site must be Totara 13 onwards with the Totara Learn flavour enabled to use the Mobile app.

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