Getting started with Totara Engage
  • 26 Jun 2024
  • 1 minute to read

Getting started with Totara Engage

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When starting out with Totara Engage, either when upgrading from an existing Totara Learn site or for a brand new site, you’ll need to set up some of the important functionality so your site is ready to use.

Here we’ve assumed that you’ve already configured your site’s core functionality, configured the look and feel, and created your users’ accounts.

Follow these steps to get started with Totara Engage:

  1. Firstly you need to decide how visible user profiles should be on your site:
    1. By default the user profile summary card and the User profile - Social block (with the link to users' public contributions) will be displayed.
    2. Users will also have the ability to navigate to other users' profile pages.
    3. You can configure the default user profile page by enabling various capabilities and configuring User profile blocks.
    4. You can also remove the ability to view profiles by having your site developer disable the $CFG->totara_engage_allow_view_profiles setting.
  2. Configure the user profile summary card by navigating to Quick-access menu > Users > User profile summary card.
  3. Set up and configure the Totara Engage recommendations engine. This is required for any recommendations to function. For information on how to set up the recommendations engine on the server side please see our technical documentation.
  4. Configure the Find learning catalogue by navigating to Learn > Find learning > Configure catalogue. On the Contents tab ensure that Totara Engage content (resources and playlists) is ticked, and will therefore be included in the catalogue.
  5. Create any workspaces you know your users might need, and assign new owners for each workspace if required.

With Totara Engage users will be able to see other users' profile pages, but only the parts configured by the Site Administrator (e.g. the user profile summary card and user profile blocks).

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