Login via Okta
  • 13 Jul 2023
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Login via Okta

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If you wish to enable Okta account login then you will first need to enable the OAuth 2 plugin on your Totara site, then go to the Okta administration portal to configure authentication.

Follow these steps to configure Okta authentication:

  1. Go to the Okta admin portal, e.g. https://youraccountname.okta.com/admin/.
  2. Click Applications under Applications.
  3. Click Create App Integration.
  4. Select OIDC - OpenID Connect under Sign-in method.
  5. Select Web Application under Application type.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Give your app a name under App integration name, e.g. 'Totara'.
  8. Add your site's URL appended with /admin/oauth2callback.php to the Sign-in redirect URIs section, e.g. https://totaralearn.com/admin/oauth2callback.php.
  9. Add your site's URL to the Sign-out redirect URIs section.
  10. Select Assignments if necessary.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Take a note of the Client ID, Client secret and Okta domain.
  13. In Totara, go to Quick-access menu > Server > OAuth 2 services.
  14. Click Create new custom service.
  15. Enter the client ID in the Client ID field and client secret in the Client secret field.
  16. Enter your Okta portal URL in the Service base URL field, i.e. https://youraccountname.okta.com.
  17. Click Save changes.

You can see more instructions from Okta on their website.

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