Outgoing mail settings
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Outgoing mail settings

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It is possible to configure the settings for outgoing (sent) and incoming (received) messages from Totara.

You can edit the outgoing mail configuration to your preferences by going to Quick-access menu > Server > Email > Outgoing mail configuration.


SMTP hosts

Give the full name of one or more local SMTP servers that Totara should use to send mail (e.g. 'mail.a.com' or 'mail.a.com;mail.b.com'). To specify a non-default port (i.e. other than port 25), you can use the [server]:[port] syntax (e.g. 'mail.a.com:587').

For secure connections

  • Port 465 is usually used with SSL
  • Port 587 is usually used with TLS

Specify security protocol below if required. If you leave this field blank, Totara will use the PHP default method of sending mail.


SMTP security

If SMTP server requires secure connection, specify the correct protocol type.


SMTP Auth Type

This sets the authentication type to use on SMTP server:

  • NTLM
  • CRAM-MD5


SMTP username

If you have specified an SMTP server above, and the server requires authentication, then enter the username here.


SMTP password

If you have specified an SMTP server above, and the server requires authentication, then enter the password here.


SMTP session limit

Set the maximum number of messages sent per SMTP session. Grouping messages may speed up the sending of emails. Values lower than 2 force creation of new SMTP session for each email.


No-reply address

Enter the email address to be included in the From field of all outgoing emails. This email address should usually match the user account for SMTP authentication. If this setting is empty or incorrect then outgoing emails are likely to get marked as spam or are not delivered at all.


Character set

This setting specifies the default charset for all emails sent from the site.


Allow user to select character set

If enabled, users can choose an email charset in their messaging preferences.


Allow attachments

If ticked then it will enable emails sent from the site to have attachments, such as badges.


Newline characters in mail

Newline characters used in mail messages. CRLF is required according to RFC 822bis, some mail servers do automatic conversion from LF to CRLF, other mail servers do incorrect conversion from CRLF to CRCRLF, yet others reject mails with bare LF (qmail for example). Try changing this setting if you are having problems with undelivered emails or double newlines.


Email via information

Tick the box to add via information in the From section of outgoing email. This informs the recipient where the email came from and also helps combat recipients accidentally replying to no-reply email addresses.


OAuth2 Service

This setting provides a list of configured OAuth2 services.


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