Quiz activity results
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Quiz activity results

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Once a quiz has been attempted by at least one learner, a course manager can review the attempt results. Totara offers a range of ways to view, filter, adjust and analyse quiz results.


The Grades area is a configurable report, showing each learner's total quiz grade as well as a per-question grade breakdown. Use the What to include in the report section to set which quiz attempts to display in this report.

Additionally, you can regrade or delete quiz attempts by selecting all or individual attempts to regrade.

Results can also be exported in a variety of formats for further analysis or distribution.

In order to assess the impact of a regrading, it is recommended using the Dry run a full regrade option.

The quiz results grade report.


The Responses area is similar to the Grades area, however question text, responses, and the right answer for each question in a learner's attempt can also be optionally displayed.

The responses section of the quiz results report.


The Statistics report provides insight into which questions are working well within a quiz and which questions might need to be adjusted.

The Quiz information report provides data on the quiz as a whole including average grades and standard deviation for the highest graded attempt.  This value represents how much the highest attempt differs from the average/mean value of the other attempts.

The quiz information report.

The Quiz structure analysis report provides data on each quiz question. The different statistics in this report are outlined below.

Quiz results statistics area quiz structure analysis.


Facility index

Shows the percentage of learners that answered the question correctly.

This statistic is useful for identifying questions that are either too easy or too difficult.

Standard deviation

Shows how much variation there is in learner answers.

If most users selected the same (or similar) answers then the question would have a low standard deviation.

Random guess score

Shows the score a learner would achieve if they were to guess at random.


Intended weight

Shows how much of the total grade this question should account for.

A question worth 5 marks out of a total of 40 marks would have an intended weight of 12.5%.

Effective weight

Indicates how much the question contributed to the overall variation in grades.


Discrimination index

Shows whether learners who scored highly overall on the quiz did well on this particular question (i.e. the correlation between the question score and overall quiz score). 

A high number indicates a strong correlation between performance on the question and performance on the quiz. A high discrimination index score indicates that the question is good. A low score here would indicate a question may need to be adjusted.

Discriminative efficiency

Estimates the relationship between the difficulty of the question and the discrimination index.

Lower values suggest that the question is not great at discriminating between learners of different levels of ability/knowledge, and therefore may need to be revised.

Very easy or very difficult questions do not discriminate between ability levels as either all students would answer correctly or all students would answer incorrectly.

Manual grading

Question types such as essay questions need to be manually graded, given the length and complexity of the learner's response.

A course manager can also use Manual grading to adjust grades on question types that have been automatically marked. Use the Also show questions that have been graded automatically button to view and edit grades that have already been marked by the system.

The manual grading area.

C025 - Quiz(1)There are two courses in the Totara Academy about using quizzes in Totara Learn, Getting started with quizzes and Advanced quiz Using these courses you can learn more on how to use these features, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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