Site policy settings
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Site policy settings

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By adding a new site policy (or editing an existing one) you can configure the following settings. 


Primary language

You can have site policies in many different languages. Once you have added translations, the Primary language will indicate which one will be displayed by default.


VisibilityDecide who you want to see this site policy when they visit your site. Select from the following options:
  • All users
  • Authenticated users
  • Guest users
Note that when you change this setting, any users in the selected group who have previously accepted the site policy will need to accept the site policy again when they next visit the site.


This is the title of your site policy. It should be something descriptive and short so users can easily tell what it is about.


Policy statement

This is your policy statement. It will set out any terms and conditions, or other policies you wish users to consent to.


Consent statement

A consent statement can be used to confirm that a user has read the site policy and agrees to any terms and conditions with it. You might also have additional consent statements to confirm that they agree with specific actions or responsibilities.


Provide consent label

You can determine the wording used to consent, for example 'Agree', 'I agree', or 'I consent'.


Withhold consent label

You can determine the wording used to withhold consent, for example 'Disagree', 'I don't agree', or 'I do not consent'.


Consent required to use this site

You can check this option if agreement with the consent statement is required to access the site. If the user declines the consent statement they will be logged out.

The user will see a warning message if they decline a required consent statement, to alert them that they will be logged out if they do not consent. They can then click one of two buttons, either Go back to policy where they can decide to consent, or Log me out if they still do not wish to consent.


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