Team page
  • 19 Oct 2022
  • 1 minute to read

Team page

As a manager, you can view information related to your team from your Team page. To get to the team page, go to Develop > Team from the top navigation bar.

The table presented on this page displays a list of all users reporting to the logged-in user (i.e. all members of their team). The table shows each user's name, when they last logged in, how many courses they have started and completed (if using Totara Learn) and how many competencies they have achieved (if using Totara Perform).

Under each user's name and profile picture you can access the following:

  • Profile: Links to the user's profile page
  • Bookings: View the user's past and future bookings for seminar events (Totara Learn only)
  • Records: View the user's record of learning (Totara Learn only)
  • Required: View the user's required learning, such as assigned programs and certifications (Totara Learn only)
  • Competency profile: Links to the user's competency profile (Totara Perform only)
  • Evidence: Links to the user's evidence bank
By default, you cannot access performance activity responses here as this information may be protected, but additional links to your team's performance activity responses are available if you have the relevant capability. If you want Staff Managers to access performance activity responses from this page you will need to edit the role and assign the Report on a performance activity subject responses capability (mod/perform:report_on_subject_responses).

You can export this table in several formats by selecting a file type from the Export as dropdown and clicking Export.

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