User settings
  • 28 Feb 2022
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User settings

As a Site Administrator, it is possible to manually create a new user. You can also add new users via HR import or third-party integrations

The following options will be available when manually creating a new user or when editing an existing user. 



Enter a unique username that will be used by the user to log in to the site. 

Please be aware that some authentication plugins will not allow you to change the username.

Choose an authentication method

This setting determines the authentication method used when the user logs in. Only enabled authentication plugins should be chosen, otherwise, the user will no longer be able to log in. To block the user from logging in, select No login.


Suspend account

Suspended user accounts cannot log in or use web services, and any outgoing messages are discarded.


Generate password and notify user

Check to generate a random password for the user and send it to them via email. If a password policy has not been set, the password will be randomly generated based on some pre-set secure conditions. Otherwise, if a password policy has been set, a password will be randomly generated according to the policy requirements.

Any passwords generated will not be shorter than the minimum password length.


New password

Enter a new password or leave blank to keep the current password.


Force password change

Check this box to prompt the user to change their password on their next login.


First name

The user's first or given name. 

This is a mandatory field.


The user's last name or family name.

This is a mandatory field.

Email address

The user's email address.

This is a mandatory field.

Email display

You can choose how the user's email will be displayed to others. Select from:

  • Show my email address only to participants in my course
  • Show my email address by default
  • Hide my email address by default



Enter the city or town where the user is based. 


Select a country

Select the country the user is based in. 



Set the time zone the user is in. All content on the site will be converted so it is displayed correctly for their chosen time zone. 



Set the language of the new user. Selecting this when creating a user ensures that the login page or welcome email greets the user in the given language.



Enter some text about the user, which will then be displayed on their profile page for others to view.


User picture

Upload an image to use as the profile image. You can also add a picture description to make the image more accessible. 

Available file size and formats will be determined by those allowed on your site. 

Additional names

You can enter additional names for the user, such as phonetic spellings, middle names, and any alternate names the user might go by. 



Enter the user's interests, one by one. These will then be displayed on the user's profile page as tags.


Aspirational position

This is the target position the user will be progressing towards. Use the Choose position button to select the user's aspirational position from the available position framework(s).



You can enter several optional user details, including the following:

  • Web page
  • Skype ID
  • ID number
  • Institution
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Address


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