View API documentation
  • 05 Jul 2023
  • 1 minute to read

View API documentation

Article summary

When working with the external API in Totara, you may want to see an API reference guide, which describes all of the services available in the API and how to use them. Totara has built-in reference documentation generated from the GraphQL schema. This documentation will reflect the API features available for the specific version of Totara the site is running, and will include services added or modified by third-party code customisations.

Note that the API documentation will reflect the official Totara release that the site is using. If you make code customisations and you want their API services to appear in the API documentation, you will need to rebuild it to have those changes reflected on this page. If the current documentation is out of date then the API documentation page will display a warning indicating this.
Only users with the totara/api:viewdocumentation capability are able to access the API documentation. By default this includes Site Administrators, Site Managers and Tenant Domain Managers.

To view the documentation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Quick-access menu > Development > API > API documentation.
  2. Use the table of contents in the left-hand column to jump to a specific section.
  3. Click Back to API to return to the list of API clients.

On this page you can see the following information about the API:

  • Endpoint details
  • Authentication
  • Request format
  • Link to the API schema
  • Available queries and mutations
  • Available types

The documentation page includes examples of the format of both the specific request and the response that will be returned from the API.

Viewing the API documentation in Totara.

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