What are centralised notifications?
  • 22 Sep 2022
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What are centralised notifications?

Development of Totara notifications

In Totara 14 we introduced a centralised management console for notifications, along with a standardised notification format. In our documentation we refer to this feature as centralised notificationsNotification content is edited using the Weka editor. Historically, Totara notifications were configured in various places across the platform. Initially, notifications for programs and certifications were migrated to the new console, and in subsequent releases more features' notifications continue to be added to centralised notifications, while others are still managed outside of the centralised notifications system. As Totara advances we will continue to migrate and add new feature notifications to the central console, when it makes good sense to do so. For example, Totara 16 saw the introduction of course notifications which are managed via centralised notifications.

How centralised notifications work

For each section within the centralised notifications console (e.g. Course) you can see a list of triggers. Triggers are events that cause a notification to be sent, e.g. Learner completed course. You can expand a trigger to see all notifications related to that trigger, or you can create a new notification for that trigger event. For each notification you can also configure the delivery channels. The delivery channel is the way that the user will receive the notification.

The centralised notifications system allows lower context level notifications to be inherited from higher (or site) context level notifications. Therefore it is sensible to start by configuring your notifications at the site level. You can do this by going to Quick-access menu > Notifications. Here you can set restrictions for how notifications can be used anywhere on your site. For example, if you never want notifications to be sent when learners unenrol from a course then you can disable this at the site level. This means Course Creators or Editing Trainers won't be able to enable the notification at the course level. Alternatively, you may want to create a new notification for a specific trigger (e.g. when a user is added to a workspace) so that it will be available for all workspaces on your site.

This also means you can configure the notifications in greater detail in specific content instances. For example, you might want to create a new notification for a specific certification, or disable notifications and delivery channels where they're not required for the certification.

See Using centralised notifications for more information.

Benefits of centralised notifications

The centralised notifications system enables standard formatting and common functionality in the following areas:

Here is a list of Totara features and notifications that are not supported by the centralised notification system:

  • Course enrolment welcome message
  • Course completion reminder (tied to the feedback activity)
  • Forum messages and digest
  • Other course activities
  • Badges
  • Learning plans
  • Job assignments
  • User data management
  • Authentication
  • HR import
  • Report builder
  • Audiences
  • Other Totara Engage notifications

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