Set up achievement paths in bulk
    • 19 Oct 2022
    • 2 minutes to read

    Set up achievement paths in bulk

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    Instead of manually creating achievement paths for each competency in a framework, you may want to apply a set of achievement paths to multiple competencies in a framework in one go. You can select a source competency from which you want to copy all of the achievement paths, then select the competencies to which you want to apply those paths.

    Where criteria-based achievement paths reference linked courses, other courses, or other competencies, these will not be copied across, so you will need to additionally configure the courses or competencies on those target competencies. Where linked courses or child competencies already exist, these will be automatically referenced if a Course completion: Linked courses or Proficiency in child competencies achievement path is copied across. When bulk applying achievement paths, the path structures will be copied, but you may still need to review the target competencies, especially if criteria-based paths are the ones being copied. Achievement paths that require further configuration are flagged in the interface with a warning message.

    Any existing achievement paths on the target competency will be removed, and completely replaced with all of those from the source competency. The achievement paths are only copied once - any future changes to the original achievement path will not be copied to the target competencies.

    It's important to understand that this is a destructive action, as the configuration of any existing achievement paths on target competencies will be overwritten and permanently lost, and this action cannot be undone. Achievements for any assigned users will be recalculated, and users may immediately achieve the competency if they have already met the criteria for the new achievement paths.

     To apply a set of achievement paths from one competency to other competencies, follow these steps:

    1. Create a competency and set up at least one achievement path. This competency can then be used as the source for other competencies, meaning you can duplicate this achievement path to other competencies in the same competency framework.
    2. Go to Quick-access menu > Competencies and navigate to the competency framework containing the competency with the achievement path you want to copy, then select that competency.
    3. Scroll down to the Achievement paths section.
    4. Click the icon of two sheets of paper (clone_icon(1)).
    5. On this page you can select the target competencies to which you want to copy the source competency's achievement path. After finding the competencies to which you want to apply the achievement paths, you may want to enable the Without achievement paths filter to remove any competencies that already have achievement paths configured.
    6. Select all of the target competencies to which you want to copy the selected achievement path. You can click the arrow icon (right-arrow-icon) to expand a competency and see its child competencies, which you can select or deselect separately.
    7. Optionally click View selected to see a list containing only the competencies you have selected as targets. Review the list, and click Back to all competencies if you need to select more.
    8. Click Apply if you're happy with the selected competencies.
    9. If none of the target competencies currently have achievement paths, click Continue to copy the selected achievement path to the selected target competencies. If any or all of the target competencies already have achievement paths, click Replace all.

    You will then be returned to the source competency page, and a message will appear at the top of the page to confirm that a task has been scheduled for the achievement paths to be copied when the cron next runs.

    Note that while the task for applying the achievement paths is pending, you will be unable to edit the achievement paths for all target competencies.

    Selecting target competencies to which you will apply achievement paths.

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