Using the catalogue in Totara Mobile
  • 19 Oct 2022
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Using the catalogue in Totara Mobile

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If you are using version 15 of Totara or later, you will be able to browse or search for learning in the mobile app. For more information on configuring the catalogue's settings, see the catalogue documentation.

Users can access the catalogue (also known as Find learning) by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the bottom navigation bar. If a user has no assigned learning, they will also be able to tap the Find learning button on the Current learning tab.

The catalogue selected from the mobile navigation bar.

The catalogue includes the following types of content:

  • Courses
  • Resources
  • Playlists
Note that while Totara Engage content (resources and playlists) appear in the Find learning tab on the app, this content isn't natively accessible in the app. Instead, this content will open in a webview window.

Using the catalogue

Each item in the catalogue is represented by a tile showing the full name of the item, the type of learning (e.g. course or resource) and a thumbnail image. Course thumbnails can be set by going to Edit settings > Appearance in the course, while resources will use the first image included in the resource. Playlist thumbnails comprise a set of images from the first four resources in the playlist. If an image has not been set for a particular item, the default course, resource or playlist image will be used. You can set default images for courses, playlists and resources by going to Quick-access menu > Appearance > Themes > Ventura.

At the top of the catalogue you can use the search bar to search for specific content or topics. Enter your search term, then click Search to see the results. Click Cancel if you want to return to the full list of learning content.

Search results in the mobile catalogue.

Tapping on a course tile will show the overview for the learning, including the name, description, and course image.

The overview for the selected learning.The enrolment options for a course with self enrolment and guest access with a password.

If you tap on a resource or playlist tile it will launch in a webview window, as you can see below. 

You can go back to the catalogue by tapping Back. The webview toolbar at the bottom of the app allows you to share the content () or open the content in a browser ().

A Totara Engage resource displayed in a webview within the app.

Enrolling on learning

To enrol on a course in the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the catalogue/Find learning tab by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Browse the list of content or use the search bar to search for a specific course or topic.
  3. Tap a learning item to see an overview. The overview will let you know if the course is available to you. If the course does not have guest access or self enrolment enabled, and you were not previously enrolled on the course, the overview will say that you are not enrolled and you will be unable to access the course.
  4. Tap Go to course to see the available enrolment options for the course. If you want to complete the learning and want your progress to be tracked, click Enrol me under the Self enrolment heading. If the course has guest access enabled you will instead be taken straight to the course. Once in the course, you can select the Enrol me button in the top banner to enrol on the course (if self enrolment is enabled).
  5. You can then access the course on the app or in a web browser, and the learning will appear in your Current learning tab.


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